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Learn more about Wolverine Gas and Oil, a company committed to successful and responsible exploration and drilling.


Wolverine is a privately owned, independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Since 1948 and over three generations, the Jansma family has been successfully and responsibly developing oil and gas reserves to meet our nation’s energy needs.

What began with a single well has since blossomed into a successful family-run corporation. When founder, Sidney J. Jansma Sr., invested in his first well in 1948, the Dutch immigrant soon realized he could do it better. He began buying and drilling a series of wells. By the time Sidney J. Jansma Jr. came on board in August 1966, the company was just settling into its name: Wolverine Gas and Oil.

With a strategic focus on exploration, Sid Jr. brought added momentum to an already thriving business. Yielding more than 2 million barrels, Marstrand 1-27 in Michigan was the company’s first major discovery. Similar successes followed with the Niagaran, Trenton, Prairie Du Chien, and Antrim formations.

In 2000, Wolverine went into an area all but abandoned by the major oil companies: south-central Utah. Wolverine’s exploration team studied this complex region for several years before drilling its first prospect. The result? Covenant Field, the largest onshore conventional discovery in North America in the previous 30 years.

Now led by Sidney J. Jansma III, Wolverine is made up of highly trained professionals in roles that span the disciplines of engineering, geology, geophysics, operations, and more. With a continuing focus on exploration, we are actively seeking new, production opportunities in the continental United States.


A mission for success.

Wolverine will find and produce natural gas and oil efficiently, so that God is honored, our environment is protected, our employees are constructively challenged and well paid, and our owners and partners receive an excellent return on their investment.


Responsible exploration and oil production takes a diversity of talents. At Wolverine, we bring deep industry expertise to the following areas:


Our land department is the face of Wolverine to land and mineral owners. Through their understanding of title, ownership, leases and more and utilizing technology, the land department is able to maintain great relationships with owners.


Our engineers implement the drilling and completion plans, monitor operations, and maximize the recovery of oil and gas.

Geology & Geophysics

Our geology & geophysics team works to understand the geologic formation of the rock containing the reservoir and where best to drill a well.

Operations & Production

Our Operations & Production team is tasked with producing our wells in a manner that protect the environment while maximizing the ultimate production at the lowest cost.


Our accounting department diligently measures and conveys the results of our expanding operations.


Our marketing efforts focus on efficiently selling and transporting our oil and gas so that our investors and customers each realize appropriate profit.

Management Team

Manager – Geology
Manager – Geophysics


We begin with a handshake

For nearly 70 years, Wolverine has been a good neighbor in the field of oil exploration and production. Landowners know our emphasis on safe, responsible drilling, and appreciate our focus on building lasting relationships. All told, we have leased over one million acres and have built relationships with thousands of landowners.

Our Process


At Wolverine, oil and gas exploration is a science. Our experienced geologic and geophysical team is capable of researching and identifying land with rich oil and gas potential. Once this has been determined, our land staff utilizes available deed and tax information to identify landowners who would benefit from building a relationship with us.


We believe business is personal. Our field representatives meet with the landowner face-to-face to gauge interest in leasing their mineral and/or surface rights. Whether providing useful information or answering questions, this is the first step in building a strong working relationship that’s as beneficial for the landowner as it is for Wolverine.

Title research and bonus compensation

Once the lease is signed, we verify title information and check to see if any additional work is needed to clear up the title. We then provide the landowner with an agreed-upon bonus payment, which is outlined in the lease.

Producing oil or gas

We leave nothing to chance. Before drilling begins, we meet with the surface owner to discuss timing and logistics. If we establish a producing well, the mineral rights owner receives a royalty payment according to the terms of the lease.

Land and mineral rights ownership changes

During the term of a lease, there may be information or ownership changes that occur. The sale of the property, death of an owner, address/name changes, and estate planning are all instances that can require additional documentation be sent to us.

If you, as a landowner, are unsure of whether a change in your situation requires any action on your part under your lease, you are welcome to contact us here.

Areas of Activity

Our expertise runs deep.

With past and current investments and operations spread throughout the U.S. in multiple basins and the States highlighted on the map below, we continually locate and evaluate new oil and gas prospects.  This means developing a comprehensive knowledge of our active onshore basins as well as researching and studying areas where Wolverine is not currently active.

We have a long and successful history of partnering with major industry companies. Some of our partners include Shell, Oxy, Devon, Phillips, Grace Petroleum, Dominion Resources, Liberty Mutual, and Michigan Consolidated Gas.


A deep commitment to stewardship

Exceptional stewardship goes beyond the environment, extending to the people and communities we live in. As a company, we are honored to be able to give back in so many valuable ways.


Since our founding in 1948, we at Wolverine have had the privilege of contributing our time, talent, and treasure within our community and throughout the world.

Safety and compliance

We have always put a premium on safety. We operate clean, well-designed facilities and our employees are fully trained in protecting themselves, the environment, and the community.

As a corporate citizen in excellent standing, Wolverine complies with all federal, state, and local regulations. Whether controlling emissions or finding innovative ways to protect our environment, our impeccable audit history reveals a company willing to meet or exceed compliance standards.  After a recent review by the Independent Energy Standards Corporation, Wolverine achieved the highest score ever awarded by them in recognition of our strong operations.


We do everything in our power to minimize our impact on the environment. From harnessing solar energy to utilizing pit liners to protect groundwater and surrounding areas from contamination to having submersible pumps and pad drilling to minimize the physical and visual impact of a well, we go out of our way to protect the earth’s natural resources. This includes restoring the land and encouraging the natural habitat to return once our operation is complete.


Our team places a high value on education. We encourage our staff to participate in opportunities that allow them to further their education and also teach others so they can pass on their knowledge. Educating landowners, the public, and energy policymakers is important to us.  We make it a priority to promote an energy conscious and educated society.

There are a vast number of resources available that provide information about the energy industry. We have provided some below – both on a national level and some specific to Michigan.  Please take time to review the following educational resources to further your knowledge of the oil and gas industry.  Click on the links for videos, schematics, and other industry resources to develop a better understanding of these various topics.


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